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Toyota 300 vs Nissan Y62

Long-time rivals Toyota and Nissan have been the talk around many a campfire and over a beer or three, but which is the best tow vehicle for your caravan, trailer or boat? On this Blog we are looking at weights more than performance, bush ability, fuel economy, comfort and cost, although we will touch on a few of these point as they do help people choose what’s right for them.

Here’s a few points to note before we compare the two, the Nissan is an old model, although it’s had a couple of facelifts it’s been around since 2010 and starting to show its age. On the other side the 300 is the latest and greatest Landcruiser ever so we are told, and on paper it looks the goods. The other major difference is one is a petrol v8 and the Cruiser is a new V6 diesel, in the graph below we are comparing the TI Nissan (they only have 2 models now the TI and the TI-L) and the GXL Landcruiser, as these are the 2 most likely use for towing and they are both stock standard with no accessories. Current pricing is $102K of the GXL and $90K for the TI, they are both 7 seaters and have most of the same features.

Ok as we can see in the graph above the Nissan wins out in the weight stakes, but not all is as it seems, the actual numbers are closer than you think, and this is where people get confused on the showroom floor. Let’s look at the Kerb weight, the 300 is lighter so it has a payload of 700Kg, whereas the Nissan with its heavy Kerb weight can only carry 688kg so we are very close, but the Tojo also has a smaller fuel tank, 110 against 140 litres that’s 88Kg against 112Kg when full, and you will probably need the extra fuel for the big V8, so that’s an extra 36Kg available in the 300.

Ok now let’s look at the GCM (Gross Combination Mass) the Nissan is allowed an extra 250Kg, “wow” a quarter of a tonne of extra weight, so let’s break that down, if both vehicles are fully loaded, and this would be the case when travelling, the difference is only 30Kg because of the heaver GVM of the Nissan.

So, I hear you ask which one is better for towing, it’s too close to call but what I will say is that Toyota have done their homework on making this vehicle 160Kg lighter than the old 200 series which will give you a little bit more payload. The Nissan is a true tow vehicle as the weight of the tug can be the same as the trailer, and I personally believe that this should be the case with the way tandem trailers and caravans are built (pig trailers) where the tug is heavier than the trailer. If you have ever had a scare towing an overweight or unbalanced trailer you would probably agree with me.

Now the essential thing to remember is that when both of these vehicles are full of fuel, passengers and have a ball weight of their maximum 350Kg and any accessories they are on their weight limit, if not over, so it’s important to get your rig weighed by a professional, who uses individual weight pads, so all the weights are checked, not just the overall weight of the car and trailer but by each axle, tyre and the ball weight.

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